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What Our Clients Have To Say

After working with a handful of other management services over the years, I can’t give enough praise to A2Z Represents. Not only did our Amazon sales increase the first year by over 120%, but our chargebacks have gone down to next to nothing. Leah and Randy have the inside track we needed to grow our Amazon business and exceeded our expectations.



A2Z Represents has become an essential part of our team and have been a pleasure to work with. We hired A2Z almost 9 years ago and since then our products are now available at some of the top big box stores in the USA. Being we are based in China we have had issues in communication with other rep agencies, this has not been the case with A2Z Represents. Their team is always very responsive, day and night and have the connections in place to grow your business.



Our company was constantly struggling with our Amazon business and pretty much just stopped shipping them. Randy and Leah and the team at A2Z were able to renegotiate our annual terms agreement and make our Amazon business profitable again. Over the past 10+ years they have grown our business more than we ever expected and continue to make our pages relevant and make our AMS ACOS less than 8%.



New to Amazon?

A2Z Represents helps new and existing Amazon vendors like you build thriving businesses – sometimes from scratch. Through our long-term partnerships A2Z Represents has helped clients go from zero to millions in sales. Using our many years of experience, we can help you establish, build, and manage your Amazon business.


We will construct your Amazon presence from the ground floor. Our experienced team will handle the entire set-up process quickly and efficiently. We will manage the implementation of your product catalog onto the Amazon website to ensure maximum visibility and navigational ease. Best of all, our unmatched personal relationships with key Amazon team members will ensure that you receive the best possible rates and terms.

  • Establish Platform (FBA, 3P, Dropship, Vendor Direct)
  • Vendor Central or Seller Central Set-Up, Assistance and Management
  • Term and Agreement Negotiation


Many products get lost on the Amazon highway. We ensure that your merchandise stays on the map so that buyers know where to find you. From day one, an A2Z team member will serve as your own personal liaison with Amazon to ensure that your products are getting the attention and visibility they deserve. With over 197 million unique monthly visitors, it’s important to have a support system and knowledge base that keeps you on the road most travelled…  We will upload all of your products and ensure that the copy and image quality exceeds that of other competing manufacturers.

  • NIS Services
  • Image Loads and Updates
  • New Product Launch Assistance and Setup


A2Z is aware of the difficulties of maintaining your price structure and understands the ramifications and market erosion this can lead to. Whether you have a strict MAP policy or simply a suggested MSRP we understand how important maintaining that message is and know the tricks of the trade to work best with the tools made available by and any restrictions they may impose.

  • MAP Advice and Assistance / Pricing Strategy
  • Manage Price Increases/Decreases
  • Manage Bulk Orders


How do you make your product tastier than the million others on the Amazon menu? With A2Z’s Secret Sauce, of course. We pour rich A+ Content, Videos, Brand Pages and detailed product descriptions on our clients’ pages so that their products appeal to all appetites.  We have been cooking our batch of secret sauce for years and have honed the recipe with just the right tools, relationships, know-how and special ingredients. Hungry yet?

  • Brand Page Building and Updates
  • A+ Content Creation and Uploading
  • Cross Categorize Catalog and Node implementation


Get plugged-in. Amazon offers a host of marketing opportunities. But you have to know where to find them and how to maximize them. That’s where we come in. A2Z has their finger on the Amazon pulse. We can channel you in the right direction to get the most bang for your buck and to increase revenue.

  • Creating Promotional Calendars
  • Lightning Deals/Deal of the Day/Best Deals
  • Vendor Powered Coupons
  • Q4 and Holiday Planning
  • Treasure Truck


Let us run the show for you. A2Z will handle the day to day stuff so you can focus on fulfilling all those Amazon orders. We have over 20 years of experience with the Amazon Vendor portal and have a dedicated and highly-specialized staff ready to assist with issues such as Proof of Delivery, Invoicing, and Shortage Claims.

  • Revise Detail Pages as Needed
  • Logistics Issues
  • POD’s
  • Keyword Updates
  • Chargebacks and Infractions
  • MOQ and Pricing Updates
  • Returns
  • Accounting/Remittance/Invoice Assistance


How far can A2Z take you? As far as you desire. With our knowledge of the global ecommerce space and our wealth of contacts throughout the globe, we can help set you up in key international Amazon portals such as China, Japan, Germany and the UK.

  • Global Assistance and Setup (EU, CA, JP and worldwide)
  • Direct Import Build-out and Assistance
  • Amazon Pantry
  • Amazon Prime Now
  • Amazon Business
  • WOOT Services


Yeah, yeah, yeah, it all sounds good. But what’s the bottom line, right? Glad you asked. Since our inception, each A2Z partner has enjoyed a minimum 30% bump in gross revenues. In some cases, the increase has been MUCH HIGHER! Because our team is comprised of some of Amazon’s best former talent, we know how to work the system to get your brand out in front and sold through. Let A2Z bump you up!

  • AMS (Amazon Marketing Services- Onsite Advertising)
  • AMG (Amazon Marketing Group-Offsite Advertising)
  • Monthly Forecast Reporting
  • Monthly Sales Reporting
  • Vine Program – Customer Reviews
  • Sales and OPS Scorecard Review
  • Arrange Meetings with Amazon for Platinum Vendors